CD to 360 flash cards, basic vocabulary


Our flash cards are designed for beginning students, and contain 360 vocabulary flash cards. The flash cards include the most frequently used words.

Every flash card has on one side the word in English with a corresponding caricature and on the other side the word in Arabic and phonetic.

The 360 flash cards are divided in 3 groups:

– 120 verbs

– 120 adjectives

– 120 nouns

On the CD you get the vocabulary pronounced in Arabic in the same order as previously mentioned. You have also in the package a list in Arabic and English as previously mentioned.

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120 verbs, 120 adjectives, 120 nouns.
CD in Egyptian Arabic
with a list in E/F/D/Arabic

ISBN: 978-3-03723-054-1

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz


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