Daily life and holiday conversations | eBook


This eBook provides beginners and advanced students of the Arabic language, as well as tourists to the Arab world, a quick language course that facilitates communication between Arabs and English-speakers. Here you will find 60 simple dialogues for different holiday and everyday situations, using the Egyptian dialect, which is the most widespread dialect and the most similar dialect to classical Arabic.

The course includes short, clear, common vocabulary, terms and sentences taken from holidays and everyday situations in dialogue form. Texts are written in Egyptian-Arabic and English. We have also given you phonetic forms to help

fluency. The texts in Arabic and also the given examples show the students the right way of writing those dialogues.

Contents of the book
Easy introduction to the basics of the Arabic language.
60 holiday and everyday situation conversations (also available on CD)
A basic vocabulary index (English-Arabic) and (Arabic-English) with phonetics.

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Egyptian Arabic
English – phonetic – Arabic

ISBN: 978-3-03723-402-0

Format: epub
1. Auflage, 2023
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz