Egyptian Arabic for Travellers


Most travellers to Arab countries do not have the time to study the language before they depart. It is clear that a traveller with a small knowledge of Arabic will be able to have direct and easier contact with the locals. This will make travelling in this part of the world a lot more pleasant and eventful.

With this book, I attempt to give these travellers an opportunity to speak some Arabic without undergoing a big effort.

The book „Topics and short sentences for holiday and daily life“ is divided into many topics that have been carefully selected and that are presented in easy form – the sentences are short and in dialogue form.

The vocabulary of the topics is listed in alphabetical order. All sentences and vocabulary are shown in English/Phonetics / Egyptian Arabic. It is also available on CD in Arabic and English.

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Topics and short sentences
English – phonetic – Arabic

ISBN: 978-3-908547-52-5

1st edition, 2004
116 pages, PB
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz


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