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The Arab World with its 22 countries is doubtless an attractive market place for the export-oriented European economy. Although English and French are widely recognised as business languages throughout the Arab economic area, anyone showing curiosity and interest in the Arabic language will be much appreciated and anyone making attempts at communicating in the native language of the country in question will be greatly welcomed and valued.

It is my experience that many business people do not have the time or opportunity to learn a foreign language in depth, and that is why we recommend in that case that you forego the Arabic script in the book. The easy-to-read transcription (phonetics) and the two available in Arabic CDs should allow the readers to read, register and understand the content without any problems.

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basic vocabulary and short sentences
English – phonetic – Arabic

ISBN: 978-3-03723-031-2

1st edition, 2005
111 pages, PB
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz


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